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Real estate investor reporting: Six types of reports that help ensure profits

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Tracking your real estate investments doesn’t have to be a hassle, but what is the best way to track your well-earned progress? Look no further than Kardin! We provide state-of-the-art reporting solutions tailored specifically for you, the real estate investors. With our platform you have the tools to stay on top of your investment performance so you can make informed decisions that maximize your profits.

At Kardin we put a lot of thought into our reporting system. We are proud to say that it offers a number of powerful features that will make tracking your investments easier. You can count on dashboards that provide real-time insights into the performance of each of your assets. Want to get specific? Customize your reports to get tailored information on the metrics you need. With our platform, you will get access to detailed analytics and historical trends plus the ability to compare investment scenarios. It's time to start forecasting potential. 

With Kardin, you can access all the information you need to confidently make informed decisions to keep your assets profitable. Kardin offers multiple reporting options we feel are essential for your success as a real estate investor? Today we are exploring seven types of real estate investor reports that ensure your success in the market. 

Investor Reports

Each investor has their own unique genius when it comes to how they play the market, but there are certain types of reports that all investors should be familiar with. Without further ado let's explore the seven most important investor reports in our book.

Monthly Reporting

Keeping up with your month-to-month income is a must for real estate investors. Monthly reports give you the big picture and can be used to track income and expenses, compare different properties, or analyze performance trends over time. If all properties are using either a standard Master COA or mapped to a standard Master COA, you can roll them up in a Portfolio and view the monthly detail or summary. This way if there are any problems, monthly reporting data will allow you to address them and get back on track. 

Accurately tracking cash flow differences over time in your portfolio can be extremely valuable.  Monthly reporting also allows us to do just that! By comparing and contrasting different months investors can get a bird's-eye view of any returns and adjust their strategies as needed. Begin monitoring your financial performance and start taking control of your assets with informed financial decisions.

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Variance Reports

Variance reports are incredibly useful, they provide investors with a detailed understanding of how their investments are performing compared to budget. With this type of financial breakdown investors can note differences in their portfolios from one period to the next. Compare two or three periods of time with explanations of the entire portfolio, making it easier identify any areas where there is room for improvement. Another perk? Investors can visually weigh potential risks and advantages. Getting insight into how investments are performing compared to overall market trends gives investors a better understanding of exactly what type of scenario they are dealing with. 

With the help of variance reports real estate investors can accurately assess the performance of their investments and strategize from an informed vantage point.  Variance reports are so important if you are looking for an edge in today's competitive investing landscape and some peace of mind, so stay informed and make effective decisions with Kardin. 


GL Schedule Reports

Kardin's GL Schedule report makes it easy for asset managers to review all financial transactions related to a single GL account. Want a detailed analysis of the performance of your investment portfolio? The GL Schedule allows asset managers to drill down on individual line items for each property in the portfolio. 

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Lease Absorbtion Reports

The Lease Absorption report from Kardin makes it simple for investors to track their absorption rate, rental rates, and occupancy levels across all properties in their portfolio. 

Some of the key features of this report include:
  • Breakdown of current and projected absorption rates for each property
  • Rent Schedule Reports

The Rent Schedule report from Kardin provides investors with a complete overview of all rent-related activities. This means that everything across your entire investment portfolio can be seen at a glance. From detailed information about rental rates, terms of lease agreements, tenant improvements (TIs), and other leasing reports such as Rent Roll, and Leasing Commission. With Kardin you get it all in one place. 


Budget Comparison Report

This type of report allows investors to make clever decisions in a diverse market. Data gathered from budget comparison reports gives you a big picture view of income and expenses across your combined properties in a portfolio. This useful report includes clear visualizations of data points like total income, expenses, net operating income, and more. With budget comparisons it is easy to quickly identify any areas that may need further investigation or adjustment. 

Need more information for that finance brain of yours? Investors can filter data by categories like property type, region, and date range to gain deeper insights into their portfolio's performance. Kardin's Budget Comparison report provides investors with the data they need to make decisions that maximize the value of their investments. 


Performance Summary Report

The Performance Summary report from Kardin is designed to provide an overview of the overall performance of a portfolio. It includes key metrics such as average rental rate, occupancy rate, and NOI (Net Operating Income). Investors will love this type of report because it gives them a quick snapshot of their assets so that there are no missed opportunities and priorities remain aligned.

Performance Summary Report v2

The Kardin Approach
Consolidate your real estate reporting with Kardin Portal

Navigating the intricate landscape of CAM recovery calculations, Kardin's comprehensive suite of reports enables investors to make informed decisions regarding their real estate investments. With Kardin's intuitive user interface, investors can quickly access the data they need in one centralized portal and have confidence that their reporting is accurate and up to date.  Now that you’re more familiar with what Kardin reporting can do for you, why not schedule a personalized demo to see for yourself? Just click the button below: